Bad Bonn Kilbi

3.9.2021 – 5.9.2021
Bad Bonn Kilbi, Düdingen
Decoration/installation in the main tent

In-Between and around the C.

16.7.2021 – 31.7.2021, open 24/7
Summer Camp, Rote Fabrik, Zurich
Curated by Michael Almeida and Luca Büchler

In-Between or around the C. is an exhibition organised as part of Summer Camp that plays with boundaries within the realm of art, conceptually as well as literally, presenting artworks spread all over the area of Rote Fabrik.

With Aglaia Brändli, Jonas Etter, Fabio Guida, Martina Morger, Anina Müller, Laetita Pascalin, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Jordan Selophane, Valentina Stieger & Andri Mueller, The Bad Conscience

STITCHES : Scènes, corps, décors

17.6.2021 – 11.7.2021
Le Commun, Geneva
Curated by Collectif détente: Gabrielle Boder, Tadeo Kohan, Camille Regli

Questioning the appeal of textile in contemporary art practices, as well as its subversive power, "Stitches: scènes, corps, décors", reflects on the close relationship that this material holds with the body and its spaces of representation. By contrast and affinity, the works form ties and create a temporary joint ‘community’ that nourishes a formal yet tactile and narrative dialogue between abstraction and figuration, ready-made and know-how, stages, bodies and decors. More than 35 artists from different generations, emerging and established, meet in a nodal exhibition linking intimacy and extimacy, constraint and liberation, emancipation and domestication.

With James Bantone, Pierrette Bloch, Mario Botta, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, Lisa Biedlingmaier, Gregory Bourrilly, Sarah Burger, Denise Emery, Sylvie Fleury, Gina Folly, Cee Füllemann, Vidya Gastaldon, Nicola Genovese, Maëlle Gross, Roman Gysin, Katharina Hohmann, Inner Light, Sophie Jung, Marjorie Kapelusz, Thomas Liu Le Lann, Deirde O’Leary, Céline Manz, Léa Katharina Meier, Julie Monot, Sandrine Pelletier, Mai-Thu Perret, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Sabrina Röthlisberger, Ugo Rondinone, Denis Savary, Roman Signer, Marco Simao, Mina Squalli-Houssaïni, Tobias Spichtig, Manon Wertenbroek


Seed edition

Mai 2021
al_vista, Zurich
Curated by Kim Anni Bassen, Aramis Navarro and Lourenço Soares

The touch of things

Bad zum Raben / Bagno Popolare, Baden
Curated by Kathrin Doppler and Manuela Luterbacher

With Nikola Antolkovic, Jeremias Bucher, Jeanine Burkard, Stephan Gräfee & Julius Kerstan, Luca Harlacher, Sara Koller, Isabel Lerchmüller, Reto Lingg, Vera Mühlebach, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Tosca Aimée Waeber, Angela Malina Weber

Diplom Redux

*Cancelled* 7.2.2021-21.2.2021
Kunsthaus Glarus

Cantonale Berne Jura 2020

Cantonale Berne Jura
EAC les halles, Porrentruy
Curated by Nico Müller, Maude Queloz, Philippe Queloz, Sébastien Strahm

With Karine Borer, Regula Brassel, Lara Damasô, Sebastien Haas, Stephan Hostettle, j.e. zukunft, Karen Amanda Moser, Levent Pinarci, Andrea Cindy Raemy, Adrian Schä, Jan van Oordt, Sophie Yerli, A TEMPORARY ALLIANCE

Customer satisfaction is our main motivation

4.5.2020 - 14.6.2020
al_vista, Zurich
Curated by Kim Anni Bassen, Aramis Navarro and Lourenço Soares

customer satisfaction is our main motivation is made up of subtle acts of subversion that disturb contemporary modes of production and decorate our everyday delirium. Working with familiar references, ordinary gestures and holiday plans, promises of escapism and endless happiness are broken.

With Andrea Raemy, Dominique Joller, Simona Ferrari


Rivet, Zurich
Curated by Tereza Glazova

With Muriel Steiner, Tobias Bärtsch, Andrea Raemy, Mattia Comuzzi with Linus Stiefel and Flavia Senn

House of hard knocks

NOASS, Riga, Latvia

With Evelīna Andžāne, Luca Büchler, Selini Demetriou, Tereza Glazova, Julia Nusser, Andrea Raemy, Carlo Schwager, Denys Shantar, Muriel Steiner, Lucien Wampfler

Andrea Cindy Raemy, 2021