Andrea Cindy Raemy
*1980 in Freiburg CH, lives and works in Bern CH

2017-2020 BA fine arts, ZHdK, Zurich
2002-2005 Multimedia conceptor EFZ, émaf, Freiburg
1997-2000 Commercial employee EFZ + BM, Freiburg

Exhibitions (selection)
2021 In-Between and around the C., group exhibition: Summer camp, Rote Fabrik, Zurich
2021 STITCHES : Scènes, corps, décors, group exhibition: Le Commun, Geneva
2021 The touch of things, group exhibition: Bagno Popolare, Baden
2020 Cantonale Berne Jura, group exhibition: EAC Les Halles, Porrentruy
2020 Customer satisfaction is our main motivation, group exhibition: al_vista, Zurich
2020 FULL SLEEP IN SLOW MOTION, group exhibition: RIVET, Zurich
2019 AM GAA AA, group exhibition: Gasthaus Hirschen, Muotathal
2019 House of hard knocks, group exhibition: NOASS, Riga, Latvia
2019 RETA: Rala, feast of the peasant, group exhibition: temporary space, Zurich
2018 Art-Cham, group exhibition: temporary space, Chambarak, Armenia
2018 How many seconds are there in 24 hours, group exhibition: Myzke, Zurich
2018 GORILLA!, solo exhibition: ZHdK, Zurich
2016 CRYPTIDS, duo exhibition with Stéphanie Rotzetter: Eikon, Freiburg
2016 The 3 dimensions of light, solo exhibition: Et Pis C’est Tout, Freiburg

Participations + collaborations
2021 Bad Bonn Kilbi, decoration/installation, Düdingen
2021 Seed Edition, al_vista, Zurich
2021 Pier / Laure Betris, costume design, Freiburg
2020-2021 Elise Simonet, Jukebox, collection of audio-recordings, BBI, Freiburg
2019 Sonja Berta, resten (long), performer, Zurich
2018 Selina Grüter und Michèle Graf, Contradictory Statements, performer, Fri Art, Freiburg

2019 Gasthaus Hirschen, Muotathal
2019 NOASS, Riga, Latvia
2018 Art-Cham, Yerevan + Chambarak, Armenia

Projects and freelance in the field of art and design: drawing, painting, screen printing, linoleum printing, MARTA collective (2013-2016), product design, graphic design, illustration, textile design

Andrea Cindy Raemy, 2021