Artist statement

I’m interested in the inhabited space and its established structures. This space, that protects us architecturally, socially and mentally, a safe place where we can be who we are. However, in the context of the floor plan, roles, identity, class, expectations and the mixing of public and private, it also has something confining and uncomfortable. It is important to mention that I use the analogy of inhabited space for the body and mental states.

My aim is to reveal the ambivalence of the construct of “a home”. To do this, I engage with existing structures and methods from popular culture, process materials and objects from the domestic sphere as well as crafts, and make use of their vocabulary of forms and concepts.

In doing so, my particular affinity for bed linen, home decoration as well as utilitarian objects becomes apparent: In addition to their actual use, namely to make our everyday lives easier, they also seem to be made to give the illusion of perfection, and to allow us to escape into imaginary worlds. They are charged with memories, they make us feel good, and their affective value often exceeds their material and aesthetic value. A closer look reveals complex and multi-layered constructs that manifest states of mind, power structures and feelings of longing.

Through subversion, transformation or assemblage, my works become strange creatures, absurd objects or dreamlike landscapes and open up a new space of possibilities.

Andrea Cindy Raemy, 2021